03 July 2011

Suan Santi Phap in Bangkok of Thailand (Peace Park)

Situated just one bus stop east of The Victory Monument where is considered as the heart of Bangkok of Thailand, you can travel to the park easily by only few minutes walking. It is quite small but fascinating. You can enjoy sitting and jogging in order to relax yourself.

The Brief History of the Peace Park in Bangkok of Thailand (Suan Santi Phap)

This area is about 20 Rais and was the original location of the government housing estate, where a rather small public park for people to relax and exercise. It was built on later time by Bangkok metropolitan administration. The park has been named Suan Santi Phap in order to commemorate the final day of the World War II on the 16th August 1945, which is regarded as the peaceful day of mankind. The letter type of the park name is Buddha that Bhikku’s handwriting. In the park there is a sculpture of a bird holding a bunch of olive in its beak, which means the peace of the world. Its sculptural style comes from the work of a Spanish artist Picasso. The park has a natural wood garden atmosphere with most of perennial trees. There are three ponds in the centre of the park surrounded by footpaths and roads for jogging.

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